Due to the LNI263 runway excursion incident in Surabaya’s Juanda Airport on 20 February 2016 at 1104 local time, all flights already airborne heading to Surabaya have been diverted. At least the following flights are affected:

  • Air Asia group:
    • AWQ321 KULSUB; diverted to CGK
    • IDX393 JHBSUB; diverted to DPS
    • IDX7692 CGKSUB; diverted to CGK
  • Garuda Indonesia group:
    • CTV633 BPNSUB; diverted to BPN
    • CTV645 DPSSUB; returned to the gate at DPS
    • CTV671 MDCSUB; diverted to DPS
    • CTV876 PNKSUB; diverted to DPS
    • CTV920 BTHSUB; diverted to DPS
    • GIA310 CGKSUB; diverted to LOP
  • Lion Air group:
    • BTK6576 CGKSUB; diverted to CGK
    • LNI588 CGKSUB; diverted to DPS
    • LNI695 KOESUB; diverted to LOP
    • LNI807 UPGSUB; diverted to DPS
    • LNI857 PLWSUB; diverted to BDJ
    • LNI970 BTHSUB; diverted to SOC
    • LNI982 KNOSUB; diverted to DPS

Surabaya Airport has reopened at 1315LT/0615UTC.

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