Garuda’s low cost arm, Citilink launched a new slightly modified livery to signify a new spirit with it’s newly obtained AOC. The new livery changes the lightest green tone in its tail to yellow, and large Citilink titles put on the fuselage
New livery, new logo, “new” uniform, new AOC, and still
Garuda Indonesia?
However, I cannot stop but think, this is like, it’s third livery in recent years and fourth in a decade. The first livery was the floral batik, the second was the plain white with red tail, the third was the green version of Garuda Indonesia’s livery, and now the fourth, turns the green feathers into… a banana tree?
Eh? Banana tree? Sorry, I mean palm tree…
Green Nature’s Wing livery launched in August 2011
Mutating the green nature wings into the palm tree.
PK-GLG was recently spotted undergoing the transformation
to the Palm Tree livery variant. (Photo by: Edo RS)