Current situation of Lion Air flight disruptions today due to internal disputes per 1600 Jakarta time (0900UTC). Delays are applied per aircraft tail only as it is extremely time consuming to compile a list of flights affected, hence list limited to aircraft affected.

  • Approximately 40% of the operating fleet affected; but:
  • Most flights flying are on time with delays of up to 1 hour (only those bordering on exceeding 1 hour delays are listed below).
  • Most of the delayed flight recovery is done by cancelling and/or merging flights when able.
    • Some affected domestic passengers will also be transferred to Wings Air or Batik Air when able.
    • Affected international passengers may be transferred to Batik Air, Malindo or Thai Lion when situation requires so.
  • If you are flying with Lion Air today:
    • Please check with Lion Air if you are flying with them today for schedule changes.
    • Allow for extra time before departures due to airport congestion risks.
    • Expect delays so be prepared.
  • No Wings Air or Batik Air flights affected.
Delays under 1 hour but may get worse

PK-LFF 0-1hrs delayed
PK-LGY 0-1hrs delayed
PK-LJM 0-1hrs delayed
PK-LKT 0-1hrs delayed
PK-LKW 0-1hrs delayed
PK-LOI 0-1hrs delayed
PK-LOM 0-1hrs delayed
PK-LPF 0-1hrs delayed

Delays 1-2 hours

PK-LFH 1-2hrs delayed
PK-LFW 1-2hrs delayed
PK-LGL 1-2hrs delayed
PK-LHK 1-2hrs delayed
PK-LHT 1-2hrs delayed
PK-LJK 1-2hrs delayed
PK-LJM 1-2hrs delayed
PK-LJU 1-2hrs delayed
PK-LKJ 1-2hrs delayed
PK-LKP 1-2hrs delayed
PK-LOQ 1-2hrs delayed
PK-LOV 1-2hrs delayed
PK-LPI 1-2hrs delayed
PK-LPJ 1-2hrs delayed
PK-LPL 1-2hrs delayed
PK-LPR 1-2hrs delayed

Delays 2-3 hours

PK-LFZ 2-3hrs delayed
PK-LGW 2-3hrs delayed
PK-LKF 2-3hrs delayed
PK-LKK 2-3hrs delayed
PK-LKQ 2-3hrs delayed
PK-LPH 2-3hrs delayed
PK-LPM 2-3hrs delayed, plus divert.

Excessive delays (over 3 hours)

PK-LFQ 3-4hrs delayed
PK-LGP 3-4hrs delayed
PK-LHM 3-4hrs delayed
PK-LJL 3-4hrs delayed
PK-LJL 3-4hrs delayed
PK-LKM 3-4hrs delayed
PK-LGQ 4-5hrs delayed
PK-LGZ 4-5hrs delayed
PK-LKH 4-5hrs delayed
PK-LPK 4-5hrs delayed
PK-LPO 4-5hrs delayed
PK-LJV 5-6hrs delayed
PK-LKR 5-6hrs delayed
PK-LOJ 5-6hrs delayed
PK-LFJ 6-7hrs delayed, followed by 4-5hrs delayed
PK-LJJ 6-7hrs delayed

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