My Twitter followers would have noticed that I have disappeared from blogging this past 10 days, to attend the Paris Air Show. I have now returned and hope to share with all of you some of the stuff I did/found/whatever when I was there, as well as the other stuff that went around that deserves a blog entry.
In the meantime, I bring you some nice stuff already posted by FlightGlobal and their blog team (who really dominated the #PAS11 twitter timeline!!!!!):
This is a video of what amazing gem FlightGlobal had in their Chalet! During the trade days, the FlightGlobal chalet was a favourite place for me to visit. I must thank the FlightGlobal team for their hospitality throughout the show! Food, drinks, and the FLIR Camera… the best way to watch the flying displays when the weather is rather murky!
Day 1 Flying Display
Now here are the wrap ups by Jon Ostrower (@FlightBlogger) and Mary Kirby (@RunwayGirl)
Day 1.5 wrap up!
Holy Crap! Mary, I still can’t believe you said that!
Final Trade Day Wrap Up!
I didn’t have timeto visit AviationWeek’s chalet. I owe someone there lunch! @AvWeekRupa, don’t kill me! Next time OK? What you said about Bus #152 during the tweetup saved our team a lot of grief at the end of Day 1!
Here is a video on the awesome Eurocopter X3 by AviationWeek:
Interestingly, it was the subject of the conversation with the taxi driver on the way back from the Tweetup! (And oh, did I mention a 5 Euro “discount” from the driver?)
Paris Air Show 2011, an amazing experience! And thanks to the fellow Tweeps who directly or indirectly helped our team a lot through the week! @AvWeekRupa, @FlightBlogger, @Ghimlay, @LizMoscrop, @NigelMcD, @RunwayGirl and others I’ve missed. Till next time!
I am now home, and stuck on what to do with what to post on the blog… well, my luggage being left behind by someone in Paris CDG didn’t help! I guess we, the DNK and Indoflyer Teams who went, will need to wait for the luggage to arrive first!

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