Flights into and out of Jakarta’s Halim Perdanakusuma Airport gets disrupted yet again due what seems to be a damaged taxiway. At around 0900UTC 4 aircraft was seen through the ADS-B as holding over AL NDB. A look at various ADS-B networks, the following was found to be holding at AL and KIMON awaiting entry into the airport:

  • QG145 MLGHLP
  • ID7054 PLMHLP
  • ID7582 MLGHLP
  • QG171 PDGHLP
  • ID7058 SUBHLP
  • ID7052 SUBHLP
  • QG182 SUBHLP

The only information that can be gathered with regards to the damaged taxiway is the following NOTAM:

A0754/17 NOTAMN
Q) WIIF/QMXLC/IV/M/A/000/999/0616S10653E005
A) WIHH B) 1703050908 C) 1703050930
CREATED: 05 Mar 2017 09:08:00

It is unclear why 1 taxiway is affecting the flights unless the damage is too close to the runway. It appears that prior to the NOTAM the last aircraft that landed was ID7348 (Kupang/KOE – Halim/HLP) at 1506LT (0806UTC) and the QG114 (Halim/HLP – Palembang/PLM) for departures at 1510LT (0810UTC).

After the NOTAM, the first use of the runway was QG145 (Malang/MLG – Halim/HLP) which landed at 1631LT (0931UTC).

It appears that taxiways and runways at Indonesia’s airports are crumbling, with more and more repair work being done as well as emergency repair work with NOTAM becoming more frequent.

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