A while ago, after work while I was still at the previous employer, I was sitting in the Flight Operations Room, awaiting for a flight to come in through the Halim Tower frequency.

In came one flight with an American voice calling, “Is this Halim Tower on 122.25 or have I got the wrong frequency again?”
“Station calling Halim Tower, go ahead”
“Halim Tower, this is X### on the ILS 24.”
“X###, winds calm, cleared to land”
“Did you guys publish the frequency? Coz it’s nowhere on the charts, we did several holds at AL (a beacon before the ILS) because we couldn’t contact you!”
“It’s 122.25 sir.”
“Well, obviously, but we didn’t know, and approach didn’t know, they gave us 118.6”
“It’s in the NOTAM”
“Obviously someone forgot to give us the right NOTAM”

Yes, stuff like this are annoying. However, the frequency change was done because of interference from illegal radio stations. Just as we thought it was finished, guess what? This NOTAM came up.

HLMfreqsNow why do they have to test all those with live operations? Beats me!


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