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Ledakan di Bandara Pudong Shanghai: 3 Penumpang Terluka


Sore hari Minggu 12 Juni 2016, check-in area Terminal 2 bandara Shanghai Pudong, Cina, sempat terkacaukan oleh sebuah ledakan. 3 penumpang dikabarkan cedera namun operasi penerbangan bandara sepertinya tetap berjalan normal. Berikut adalah rekaman video pada saat kejadian:

Dalam video terlihat bahwa penumpang sepertinya sedang mendengarkan sebuah pengumuman dan bisa dilihat ground staff maskapai yang dekat kamera sudah bersiap-siap dengan menutup kuping mereka. Belum jelas apa latar belakang ledakan ini namun beberapa media berita mengabarkan bahwa ledakan berasal dari self-made explosives, seperti mercon/petasan besar dan hal² serupa.


Will Jakarta’s T3 Ultimate Opening Be A Fiasco?

Jakarta’s (or Tangerang’s) Soekarno-Hatta Airport is bursting at its seams, and much hope on terminal capacity relief is on the new Terminal 3 Ultimate, which is to be the main structure for Terminal 3, whose west wing is already used as “Terminal 3″… That is probbably why they came up with that term “ultimate”, which will not be the final product as it then still has to integrate the current Terminal 3 (Terminal 3 Existing) into it. Maybe they will call the finished product with another name like, Terminal 3 Final ?

Anyways, enough with my waffle, on 11 May 2016, the CEO of the airport operator, Angkasa Pura II, Budi Karya, said that he plans for Terminal 3 Ultimate to be operating on 15 June 2016. Quoting and translating an excerpt from Sindo newspare on 11 May 2016:

“It is 98% complete. Our hope is that construction be finished by 26 May. Garuda can then have 2 weeks to test the terminal. We are proposing 15 June as the opening/inauguration day for the President,” he said.

We now know that on 30 May, Angkasa Pura II held a meeting with the airlines outlining the plan for the moves associated with the opening of Terminal 3 Ultimate on 15 June 2016. The plans outlined then were:

  • Garuda’s international flights to move from T2E to T3U on 15 June 2016
  • Garuda’s domestic flights to move from T2F to T3U on 15 June 2016
  • Air Asia group’s international flights to move from existing T3 to T2E on 15 June 2016
  • Air Asia group’s domestic flights to move from existing T3 to T2F on 15 June 2016
  • Sriwijaya Air and NAM Air’s domestic flights to move from T1B to T2F on 22 June 2016
  • Lion Air’s flights from T3 (DPS, SOC, SRG and SOC) to move to Terminal 1B on 22 June 2016
  • All other international flights to move from T2D and T2E to T3U in January 2017
  • Citilink domestic flights to move from T1C to T2D/E in January 2017
  • Batik Air domestic flights to move from T1C to T2D/E in January 2017
Photo of the plans outlined in the meeting held on 30 May on T3U readiness and terminal moves for the airlines.

The above photo and information began spreading throughout social media late on 7 June. It is likely that this spread was timed because 8 June is exactly 1 week before the proposed move and that there are no information being given out on the move.

Naturally, Angkasa Pura II CEO Budi Karya, denied the rumors of the above plans to be executed on 15 June.

“It is not official information. That information is the result of the meeting that was shared around, we are waiting for the results from the commissioning review,” said Angkasa Pura II CEO, Budi Karya.

Angkasa Pura II has only stated that the move for Garuda to start using Terminal 3 Ultimate will start on 20 June, and information regarding other airlines are not true.

So, is the information in the photo wrong?

Of course not, the information contained plans which were later deemed to be unachievable. Going through our sources involved in the meeting revealed what the problems and difficulties were.

A source said that initially the plan was for Garuda to have it’s last flight from T2E/F on 14 June, and that Air Asia would have to have it’s first flight on 15 June from T2, while in reality, Garuda could only move it’s Ground Services Equipment to T3U while still doing the passenger handling through T2, because the available rooms that are ready (in T3U) are not enough. Then they received news that Garuda has sent a letter to Angkasa Pura II CEO that they could only move 5 domestic routes to T3U on 15 June.

If Garuda can only move 5 domestic routes to T3, that means we won’t have any room in the T2. How could we do the move?

Having multiple moves including 1 moving to an existing facility still in use by someone else, is unrealistic given the time frame as it would need a long lead time. Numerous things have to be moved and considered, such as moving phone lines and network cables, which can’t be done in 1 day (let’s not forget that the terminals were still open for business hence security would make such work slow), with other items and factors to consider, the plan isn’t workable. Other sources then also complained.

In the last meeting with Angaksa Pura II management, Sriwijaya, Garuda, Air Asia and Lion Air, it was concluded that the move from “T3 Existing” will be delayed because Garuda confirms that it could only move flights to JOG, SOC, SRG, PDG and BDJ to “Terminal 3 Ultimate”, and because most of Garuda’s flights will still be in T2, plans for other terminal moves, especially those moving out of “T3 existing” is to be delayed until further notice.

Logically, if Garuda could only move 5 domestic routes in the beginning, Terminal 2 will still be full until Garuda can move all of its operations to T3 Ultimate, and then as long as other international flights are still using T2D and T2E, the only airlines that can be moved to Terminal 2 are Air Asia group, and Sriwijaya group (Sriwijaya Air and NAM Air).

Will The Final Terminal 3 (Terminal 3 Final?) Be Adequate?


Latest Parking Chart Terminal 3 / Apron G By Lido/Lufthansa

If we look at the Aircraft Parking Chart for 3 released on 19 May 2016 (effective 26 May 2016), we can see that Termina 3 has:

  • 13 widebody aircraft contact stands or 26 narrowbody aircraft contact stands
  • 4 contact stands for narrowbody aircraft on the left wing
  • 4 contact stands for narrowbody aircraft on the right wing
  • 17 remote stands for narrowbody aircraft
  • 1 remote stand for widebody aircraft

Meanwhile, Terminal 2F has:

  • 3 contact stands for widebody aircraft (F11, F21, F31)
  • 8 contact stands for narrowbody aircraft (F41, F42, F51, F52, F61, F62, F71, F72)
  • 13 – 15 remote stands for narrowbody aircrat or 4 remote stands for narrowbody aircraft and 5 remote stands for widebody aircraft.

If Terminal 3 Final only serves Garuda and SkyTeam flights, then the terminal will have adequate capacity with some room to grow in terms of aircraft traffic. However, if all international flights from Terminal 2D and 2E are moved too, then Terminal 3 Final will not have enough capacity.

Parking Chart terkini untu Terminal 2 oleh Lido/Lufthansa.

If we look at Terminals 2D and 2E:

  • 12 contact stands for  widebody aircraft
  • 4 contact stands for narrowbody aircraft
  • 6 remote stands for narrowbody aircraft
  • 3 remote stands for narrowbody aircraft or 5 remote stands for narrowbody aircraft

The number of widebody contact stands available at Terminal 2D and 2E is only 1 short of the number available at Terminal 3 Final. If the right wing of Terminal 3 Final has 4 more narrowbody or 3 widebody contact stands added on the east side then the capacity would probably be slightly under the current Terminal 2. If the left wing gets given contact parking stands on the west side, which would need modifications to Remote F apron, or if Remote F Apron’s primary function moves from serving Terminal 2F to Terminal 3 Final, then the terminal can cater for all of Garuda’s narrowbody parking needs, with modest room for growth, but the ability to serve widebodied aircraft is still effectively constrained.


Moving airlines around the airport because of Terminal 3 Ultimate’s opening isn’t going to be easy. It is obvious now that the original plans to fully move Garuda domestic operations from T2F on 15 June is unrealistic and will bring certain chaos if forced. Garuda themselves appears to only be ready to move in stages commencing 20 June. The plans to move all international flights to Terminal 3 appears to only constrain that sector when it happens. On the aircraft parking aspect, short term growth for international flights at the airport could only happen if Terminal 2D and 2E remain open for international flights in addition to international flights from Terminal 3, while waiting for Terminal 4 to be built and operating.

This edition of Soekarno-Hatta’s history raises another question, that is whether or not Angkasa Pura II’s ambition (or dream) for Terminal 3 to be able to compete with Singapore Changi can be realized. Even without this issue of moving airlines around the terminals, such dream will likely remain a dream for a long time as Soekarno-Hatta Airport’s geographical location is disadvantageous in relation to economic centers in the region and the world, as well as connectivity disadvantages which is mainly due to the slot limitations.

Rather than dreaming on beating Singapore Changi, I think it is more important for Soekarno-Hatta Airport to focus on remaining to be the international gateway to Indonesia and if possible as the gateway of choice to Indonesia, and not let that position slip away and be taken by an airport in another country!


Apakah Rencana Jadwal Perpindahan Terminal ke Terminal 3 Ultimate Akan Berantakan?

Terminal 3 Ultimate yang tadinya diusulkan oleh DirUt Angkasa Pura II, Budi Karya untuk mulai beroperasi tanggal 15 Juni, baru akan mulai beroperasi tanggal 20 Juni. Dikutip oleh Sindo pada 11 Mei 2016:

“Ini sudah 98%. Harapan kami 26 Mei itu konstruksi selesai. Garuda masih memiliki waktu uji coba selama dua minggu. Kami akan mengusulkan kepada Bapak Presiden tanggal 15 Juni (untuk diresmikan),” pungkasnya.

Diketahui pula bahwa pada tanggal 30 Mei, pihak pengelola Bandara Soekarno-Hatta, Angkasa Pura 2 telah mengadakan pertemuan dengan maskapai² pengguna bandara tersebut menerangkan rencana jadwal pemindahan terminal sesuai rencana awal pembukaan Terminal 3 Ultimate pada 15 Juni 2016, sebagai berikut:

Foto hasil risalah rapat tanggal 30 Mei mengenai persiapan pembukaan Terminal 3 Ultimate dan perpindahan maskapai.

Foto diatas mulai beredar di media sosial, dan ramai disebarkan mulai malam hari tanggal 7 Juni. Penyebaran ini kemungkinan dilakukan karena 8 Juni adalah 1 minggu sebelum rencana tersebut, dan belum ada pengumuman apa² dari pihak maskapai manapun yang sesuai rencana tersebut.

Direktur Utama Angkasa Pura 2, Budi Karya, membantah isu mengenai pemindahan terminal mulai tanggal 15 Juni.

“Itu bukan data resmi. Itu hasil rapat yang di-share, kita lagi menunggu hasil dari commisioning,” ujar Dirut PT Angkasa Pura II Budi Karya.

Pihak Angkasa Pura 2 hanya menyatakan bahwa perpindahan untuk Garuda rencana dimulai tanggal 20 dan informasi² perpindahan terminal bagi maskapai² non-Garuda tidaklah benar.

Apakah informasi di foto tersebut salah?

Tentu saja tidak, itu adalah rencana yang pada akhirnya dinilai tidak bisa dicapai. Penelusuran ke beberapa sumber yang terlibat dalam rapat tersebut menemukan beberapa masalah atau kesulitan.

Menurut sumber² tersebut, awalnya, rencana last flight Garuda dari T2E/F adalah 14 Juni tengah malam dan pada 15 Juni 1st flight Air Asia harus mulai operate di T2 , sedangkan di tanggal 15 tersebut yang akan pindah duluan di Garuda hanya Ground Services, untuk handling penumpang departure dan arrival masih dilakukan dari T2, karena ruangan yg tersedia (di T3U) sangat minim. Kemudian mereka juga mendapat kabar kalau Garuda berkirim surat ke Direktur Utama Angkasa Pura II bahwa mereka hanya akan bisa memindahkan 5 rute domestik saja ke T3U pada 15 Juni.

Kalau Garuda hanya pindahkan 5 domestic ke T3 artinya kami tidak bisa mendapatkan ruangan di T2. Jadi bagaimana mau pindah?

Pindah barengan pada hari yang sama, tentunya adalah ide yang kurang tepat, apalagi tanpa perencanaan yang panjang. Banyak sekali yang harus dipindahkan, yang mudah saja seperti memindahkan kabel telpon dan jaringan IT maskapai saya belum tentu 1 hari selesai (jangan lupa bahwa dalam masa transisi ini-pun, keamanan bandara tidak boleh dilonggarkan), bagaimana yang lain². Sumber lain-pun sedikit curhat.

Meeting terakhir kemarin bersama direksi Angkasa Pura II, Sriwijaya, Garuda, AirAsia dan Lion Air menyimpulkan perpindahan dari “T3 Existing” masih tertunda dikarenakan Garuda confirm hanya baru bisa memindahkan rute JOG, SOC, SRG, PDG dan BDJ, dan karena Garuda masih belum pindah semua, rencana mengenai perpindahan² lainnya khususnya untuk T3 Existing, masih di extend until further notice.

Tentunya, jika memang benar Garuda hanya bisa memindahkan 5 rute domestik di awal, kapasitas Terminal 2 akan masih penuh hingga Garuda bisa sepenuhnya pindah ke T3 Ultimate, dan setelah itu, selama penerbangan internasional lainnya masih menggunakan T2D dan T2E, yang bisa pindah ke Terminal 2 hanyalah Air Asia Group dan Sriwijaya Group (Sriwijaya dan NAM).

Cukupkah Terminal 3 Final?

Apa itu Terminal 3 Final? Terminal 3 pada saat ini terpisah menjadi Terminal 3 “Existing” dan Terminal 3 “Ultimate”. Terminal 3 Existing akan digabungkan dengan Terminal 3 Ultimate dan setelah penggabungan tersebut selesai, maka Terminal 3 Ultimate namanya selayaknya diganti menjadi Terminal 3 (tanpa embel²). Istilah Terminal 3 Final hanyalah istilah yang dibuat untuk artikel ini.

Parking Chart Terminal 3 / Apron G terkini terbitan Lido/Lufthansa

Aircraft Parking Chart baru untuk Terminal 3 di release pada tanggal 19 Mei 2016 dan efektif tanggal 26 Mei 2016, memperlihatkan bahwa Terminal 3 terdiri dari:

  • 13 contact stand pesawat widebody atau 26 narrowbody
  • 4 contact stand pesawat narrowbody di wing kiri
  • 4 contact stand pesawat narrowbody di wing kanan
  • 17 remote stand pesawat narrowbody
  • 1 remote stand pesawat widebody

Sedangkan untuk Terminal 2F:

  • 3 contact stand untuk pesawat widebody (F11, F21, F31)
  • 8 contact stand untuk pesawat narrowbody (F41, F42, F51, F52, F61, F62, F71, F72)
  • 13- 15 remote stand untuk pesawat narrowbody, atau 4 remote stand narrowbody dengan 5 remote stand widebody.

Jika Terminal 3 Final nanti hanya untuk penerbangan Garuda dan SkyTeam, maka kapasitasnya akan cukup untuk menampung semua kegiatan tersebut serta ruang untuk pertumbuhan traffic. Namun bila semua penerbangan internasional dipindahkan ke Terminal 3 Final, kapasitasnya kemungkinan akan tidak cukup.

Parking Chart terkini untu Terminal 2 oleh Lido/Lufthansa.

Kalau kita lihat Terminal 2D dan 2E:

  • 12 contact stand widebody
  • 4 contact stand narrowbody
  • 6 remote stand narrowbody
  • 3 remote stand narrowbody atau 5 remote stand narrowbody

Jumlah widebody contact stand terminal 2D dan 2E saja sudah 1 dibawah jumlah untuk Terminal 3 Final. Bilamana wing kanan Terminal 3 Final ditambah contact 4 stand narrowbody atau 3 contact stand widebody, kapasitasnya kemungkinan baru bisa menyamai Terminal 2 sekarang. Penambahan parkir di wing kiri tentu akan memerlukan perombakan di apron Remote F yang ada sekarang, jika apron Remote F fungsi primernya dialihkan dari Terminal 2F ke Terminal 3 Final, maka kapasitas untuk Garuda narrowbody bisa bertambah, tetapi tetap, jumlah widebody aircraft yang bisa dilayani Terminal 3 Final masih terbatas.


Perpindahan terminal ke Terminal 3 Ultimate ini tentunya tidak mudah. Usulan awal Angkasa Pura II untuk pemindahan Garuda sepenuhnya dari Terminal 2F pada 15 Juni sangatlah tidak realistis dan akan berantakan bilamana dipaksakan. Garuda pun sepertinya baru akan melakukan pemindahan bertahap mulai tanggal 20 Juni. Rencana pemindahan semua penerbangan Internasional ke Terminal 3 pun sepertinya tidak akan menambahkan kapasitas sektor tersebut, dan pertumbuhan jangka pendek untuk penerbangan Internasional hanya bisa dilakukan dengan menggunakan Terminal 2D dan 2E bersama Terminal 3, sambil menunggu Terminal 4 dibangun dan bisa digunakan.

Sepertinya ada keengganan beberapa pihak untuk menyenggarakan penerbangan Internasional di lebih dari 1 terminal, dan sepertinya keenganan ini akan mencekik pertumbuhan penerbangan internasional di Jakarta dalam jangka beberapa tahun kedepan, bilamana rencana yang tertera pada meeting tanggal 30 Mei tersebut, dilaksanakan dengan memindahkan semua penerbangan internasional ke Terminal 3.

Kalau begini caranya, apakah impian Soekarno-Hatta Terminal 3 bisa berkompetisi dengan Changi Singapura bisa tercapai? Tanpa masalah ini saja, itu akan susah sekali karena lokasi geografi dan konektifitas Soekano-Hatta ke pusat² ekonomi dunia dan regional sangatlah terbatas apalagi dengan keterbatasan kapasitas slot bandara. Yang lebih penting bagi bandara Soekarno-Hatta adalah mempertahankan posisinya sebagai Gateway to Indonesia, jangan sampai karena terlalu banyak mimpi lalu posisi ini diambil bandara di negeri lain.


What was the frequency again?

A while ago, after work while I was still at the previous employer, I was sitting in the Flight Operations Room, awaiting for a flight to come in through the Halim Tower frequency.

In came one flight with an American voice calling, “Is this Halim Tower on 122.25 or have I got the wrong frequency again?”
“Station calling Halim Tower, go ahead”
“Halim Tower, this is X### on the ILS 24.”
“X###, winds calm, cleared to land”
“Did you guys publish the frequency? Coz it’s nowhere on the charts, we did several holds at AL (a beacon before the ILS) because we couldn’t contact you!”
“It’s 122.25 sir.”
“Well, obviously, but we didn’t know, and approach didn’t know, they gave us 118.6”
“It’s in the NOTAM”
“Obviously someone forgot to give us the right NOTAM”

Yes, stuff like this are annoying. However, the frequency change was done because of interference from illegal radio stations. Just as we thought it was finished, guess what? This NOTAM came up.

HLMfreqsNow why do they have to test all those with live operations? Beats me!



Tadi apa frekwensinya?

Dulu waktu saya masih bekerja untuk sebuah perusahaan penerbangan charter, saya suatu malam iseng duduk di ruangan Flight Operations sambil nunggu 1 flight untuk datang dengan mendengarkan radio di frekwensi Halim Tower.

Tiba² terdengarlah suara berlogat Amerika memanggil-manggil, “Is this Halim Tower on 122.25 or have I got the wrong frequency again?”
“Station calling Halim Tower, go ahead”
“Halim Tower, this is X### on the ILS 24.”
“X###, winds calm, cleared to land”
“Did you guys publish the frequency? Coz it’s nowhere on the charts, we did several holds at AL (nama salah satu posisi alat bantu navigasi yang digunakan untuk approach ke Halim) because we couldn’t contact you!”
“It’s 122.25 sir.”
“Well, obviously, but we didn’t know, and approach didn’t know, they gave us 118.6”
“It’s in the NOTAM”
“Obviously someone forgot to give us the right NOTAM”

Ya, kejadian² seperti ini tentunya menjengkelkan, namun perubahan frekwensi yang dilakukan dikarenakan adanya interferensi dari pemancar² ilegal di frekwensi Halim Tower yang lama di 118.3MHz. Namun, ketika saya berfikir, ah gak bakal berubah-ubah lagi sekarang… tiba² saya melihat NOTAM ini.


Nah, kenapa sih harus mengetes frekwensi² tersebut untuk live operations? Tau ah… Bikin pusing aja, banyak sekali ini frekwensinya, mudah²an dapat yang kosong, lancar, jernih, biar tidak usah gonta-ganti lagi nanti plus diiringi dengan pilot² bule pada ngomel nyari frekwensi Halim Tower.